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Optimum Putter

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Designed by our new putter company Focalpoint Putters, the Optimum reduces strokes on the green by giving every golfer unmatched accuracy, consistency, and confidence. This putter was made for ALL golfers.

The Optimum will be the last putter you ever buy.

Our putter makes all other alignment systems obsolete. Our natural alignment system does all the work for you without the need for line ticks or other alignment systems.  

Never mishit a putt again:

  • Stroke the ball consistently with the Optimum’s natural sweet spot design - Because the Optimum mimics the width of a golf ball, it is impossible to mishit when properly aligned.


  • Centerline Shaft Mounting - The Optimum creates a natural alignment system due to the center-mounted shaft. This is the only way to ensure the player can line the putter perpendicular to the target line.


  • Corrects the Parallax View - Every putt you visualize is affected by the parallax view. It's impossible to look from directly above the ground due to the angle at which putter shafts are designed. The Optimum's unique features help correct this issue and make better use of your dominant eye.


  • Expertly Machined by Local Machine Shop - CNC milled from a soft brass material, the Optimum will give you ultimate comfort and the smoothest of putts.

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