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Putters that Empower

According to Michigan Golf Matrix

"Focalpoint Putters are redesigning precision on the green. - 8.1/10"

"Focalpoint Putters are carving out a niche in the golfing world with this new putter. They might look a little bit odd at first glance, but their performance on the green speaks for itself. For golfers ready to try something new, Focalpoint Putters are worth the investment."

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No Alignment Marks

Our putter has no alignment marks because the putter itself is the alignment. To add alignment marks would confuse the visual we are trying to provide.

No Grooves

Our smooth putter face--machine milled from a special brass alloy--allows you to experience the highest quality putting stroke in the world.

Weird Design

We know our design is weird and unconventional, but that's what it takes to actually help your putting game improve.

A small, family business you can trust

Our putters are American-made, and we assemble them ourselves. We use local small businesses to produce our products.

A Day to Remember

On this day in 2015, we made our first batch of prototypes for the Optimum Putter. My late father, a brilliant engineer, taught us how to run the machines to make our putter. I'll never forget that day.

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The FIRST round I used the Optimum, I made two birdies from the tips that I've never gotten before. Both were 15-20 footers. Drained.

Major Minor Golf

The design of this putter makes it so easy to line up your putts. After using the Optimum, I never miss within 3 feet of the hole.

Christian H.

The Optimum gives instant feedback on putts, which allows for on-course adjustments. Also, the weight and feel give you the most confident stroke, every time.

Dylan W.

Founder's Story

Our story is a story of family and dreams. On the fateful day that we decided to create FOCALPOINT and begin our journey, we were all golfing together, as was our tradition. Even though we lost our dad before the journey got started, we are more determined than ever to achieve the dream we shared with him-- to empower every golfer on the green.

Pictured from right to left: Me (Hollis the III, the CEO), my younger brother Curnel, my late father Hollis Jr., and my younger brother Christian.

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