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11 Items to Keep in Your Golf Bag

11 Items to Keep in Your Golf Bag

Out on the golf course, you will come across a host of situations that you were not prepared for. In fact, there’s a good chance that at least once a round, you will find yourself needing something you don’t have. For this reason, it is important to always have a consistently packed bag that allows you flexibility based on the current situation.

I would guess that the first thing you make sure is always in your golf bag are your clubs. That’s a good start. But there are many other things that will help you avoid any pauses in play or a quick trip to the clubhouse in the middle of a round.

Here is a list of 11 items you should always keep in your golf bag in case of the unknown:

Golf Balls (old & new)

This one might offend some of you. I would venture to guess that all of you bring at least a few golf balls with you, however, you need to bring more. Bringing a couple of extra sleeves of new golf balls will allow you to replace any that get damaged or lost during a round. While the plan is to not lose any, we all have those days when we lose more than we should. 

If you have lost a couple of sleeves of golf balls, then you need to stop slicing money into the water. This is where the old golf balls come in. If you find yourself going off the rails during a round, don’t hesitate to bust out the old raggedy golf ball so that when you lose it, it isn’t as big of a deal. Additionally, you can use these older balls in your bag to practice before a round. Just make sure you have enough golf balls in your bag that you don’t have to ask someone else to borrow some. 


Tees are another basic piece of the puzzle. Most of you will have this item checked off the list without issue. But I encourage you to bring more tees than you think you need. You might need them to mark ball position or your buddies might have forgotten their tees. Either way, always have enough to go around.

Ball Marker

Another necessity to have, especially when you are playing with a more serious group of golfers, is a ball marker. You don’t ever want to be caught without a proper way to mark your ball when you need to. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a fancy ball marker, it can be a simple coin, but it needs to be in your bag at all times.

Divot Fixer

A divot fixer is one that can prove to the group that you know what you are doing on the golf course. Someone who packs a divot fixer and knows how to properly use it gains a significant amount of trust as a golfer. Plus, you look cool when you know how to use it. 

Rain Gear

If there’s one thing about golf, especially during the summer months, it is that the weather can become unpredictable fast. The last thing you want is to be unprepared when it rains. Keep at least a light windbreaker-type rain jacket in your bag. They don’t take up much space, and you will thank yourself especially if it gets a little chilly out there. 


The reason to have an umbrella is primarily to keep yourself, your clubs, and your golf bag from becoming drenched. They can also double as a sunshade when you are having to wait on the group ahead to play. Either way, you won’t regret making this a staple of your golf bag. 


I can’t stress enough how important sunscreen is to carry in your golf bag. The sun is almost always beating down on you, constantly bombarding you with UV rays. If you’re out for a round of 18, you will thank yourself for including this in your golf bag. I would go so far as to say that it can be vital for someone playing in a multiple-day tournament because you do not want to play a round of golf sunburnt. Also, a sunburn can lead to faster dehydration, and you do not want any part of that whether it is during one round or multiple rounds over a weekend. 


This one may seem obvious to some, but it is necessary to sustain yourself out on the course for an entire day. No matter how used to the sun you become, you will always need to hydrate with water during a round to reach peak performance. Even once the round is over, a refreshing bottle of spring water can go a long way to avoid any negative body effects from a long day on the course.


Snacks can become just as important as water on the course. You are going to burn some calories while playing, even simply riding in a cart. But if you are walking a course, then you can’t go out there without some extra caloric energy to boost you and keep you upright during the round. Just don’t make your snacks worthless junk food, bring something that your body can turn into efficient energy. 


Towels can be an absolute savior when it comes to a round of golf. They can be used to clean clubs, dry them off, and even protect them from damage. During a round of golf, you will most likely need it to clean grass or dirt off of something, and without a towel, it can get ugly. Even using your towel for something simple like a place to lay your putter down while you chip from off the green. Any situation where the course has dew on it will require a towel to keep your clubs, spikes, gloves, and everything else dry enough to perform well.

First-aid Kit

This one might seem overboard to some of you, but you just never know what might happen. Maybe you have a tiny slice on your finger. Even though it isn’t much, some athletic tape or a band-aid would certainly help reduce pain and any chance of further infection while you are playing. While you probably won’t run into any significant issues, it always pays off to be prepared. Who knows, you might pull a muscle and need the ice pack inside the kit.


When playing golf, there is a consistent list that you want to always cover when packing your golf bag. Even though some of them might seem overkill or even useless, it is important to pack them anyway, you never know what situation you might end up in. You could find yourself searching for shelter in a thunderstorm or high ground during a pour down. The simple fact is you don’t know what is ahead and this list will help you be prepared on and off the course.

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