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The Complete List of Public Par 3 Courses in Knoxville, Tennessee

The Complete List of Public Par 3 Courses in Knoxville, Tennessee

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a relaxing time playing golf. It can be tough to achieve that goal during a full round of 18 holes on an expensive golf course. For some people, the amount of fun they have is directly correlated to their results on the course. 

A good way to combat this sentiment is by playing a par 3 course. Par 3 courses can be useful in a multitude of ways. They force you to focus on your short game instead of having to worry about whether or not your next drive will go straight. They act as a relaxing golf experience with nothing to lose because you don’t have to analyze your scores there like you would on a full-size course. Sometimes you can even dress down and not constantly be asking yourself what the proper etiquette is at any given time. 

Knoxville, Tennessee, while scarce, has some of the nicer and cheaper par 3 courses in the region. 

Beverly Park Par 3

Managed by the Tennessee Golf Foundation, the Beverly Park Par 3 course has been a staple of the North Knoxville community for decades. 

The course has 9 holes–many of which have been redone over recent years. With holes ranging from 85 yards up to 174 yards, you will find a course that forces you to use a multitude of irons. Solid course design and layout combine to form a fun place for both adults and kids. 

Speaking of kids, they can play for free anytime at Beverly Par if they submit their basic information for a free membership. 

Complete with a driving range, lessons, outing opportunities, and even casual leagues, Beverly Park will give you the relaxation you need to start having fun on the course again. 

Adults can play here for as little as $8 for 9 holes.

Concord Park Par 3

Also managed by the Tennessee Golf Foundation and offering the same kids play free membership, Concord Park Par 3 is located next to Lakeside Tavern off of Northshore in deep West Knoxville. 

With this course also being 9 holes, the yardage ranges between 90 and 135 yards on any single hole. The course itself is built into the side of a small ridge, so you might want to know that before visiting. 

If you’re in search of another basic par 3 course except on the west side of town, Concord will satisfy you.

Adults can play here for $8 for 9 holes.

Williams Creek Par 3

Located near the downtown Knoxville area, Williams Creek is of the nicer variety when it comes to par 3 courses. instead of being only 9 holes, Williams Creek has a full 18 holes of par 3 for you to enjoy. 

Williams Creek is an award-winning course with tee boxes that range from 85 to 245 yards with fast bent grass greens. What makes Williams Creek stand out is the beautiful hilly terrain complete with lakes, creeks, and wildlife galore. 

Additionally, they have a sufficient driving range, putting green and practice facility, and a small 3 hole loop for children to play. 

Greens fees for Williams Creek will range from $22 to $25 for 18 holes with cart depending on the day of the week.

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